World Refrigeration- Day Media Campaign for « Refrigeration speaks to Humanity »

On the occasion of World Cold Day (WRD), U-3ARC, a stakeholder in this major event, invites all Member Associations to program media releases (TV, Radio, Newspapers, web, social networks, etc.) upon the topic "Refrigeration Talks to Humanity".

Here is a framework that will allow each National Association to produce one or more media supports, over the period from June 19 to July 03, 2023, in order to raise the awareness of professionals and users on the topic chosen :

World Refrigeration- Day Media Campaign for « Refrigeration speaks to Humanity »

Refrigeration has become an essential part of human life, helping to sustain food supplies, support medical and health advancements, as soon as technologies, and enable global trade while reducing waste and preserving valuable resources.

Keeps Food and Beverages Fresh

Refrigeration is primarily used to preserve food and beverages so that they remain fresh and edible for a longer period of time. This means that people don't have to consume all their food immediately, reducing food waste and saving money.

Increases Shelf Life

Refrigeration can increase the shelf life of perishable goods, which means less food is wasted, less money is spent on buying new food every week, and less energy is expended in transporting and storing fresh food.

Helps Maintain Nutrient Value

Refrigeration can help preserve the nutrient and mineral value of produce and perishable goods, which means people can continue to have access to healthy and nutritional food options.

Provides a Reliable Source of Cooling

Refrigeration technology has advanced over the years, resulting in more efficient and reliable cooling systems. This makes temperature-controlled storage more accessible and reliable for people in a wide range of settings, from homes to businesses to hospitals and research facilities.

Supports Medical Advances

In the medical field, refrigeration plays an important role in preserving blood and tissue samples, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products. It also enables doctors and researchers to develop new therapies and treatments, and advance medical science.

Enables Global Trade

The ability to refrigerate goods has allowed for global trade to grow and flourish, as perishable goods can now be shipped across long distances without spoiling or going bad.

Environmentally friendly and reduces Energy Consumption

Improvements in refrigeration technology have led to more energy-efficient systems, which in turn reduce the environmental impact of refrigeration and help conserve natural resources. New refrigerants are environmentally friendly but inflamable !

Comfort, well-being and telecommunications

With the air conditioning of buildings, houses… spaces, our sector makes them comfortable and livable.

Also, it plays an important role in telecommunications, by maintaining the optimal temperature of equipment, such as servers, routers and switches. Refrigeration is essential for keeping telecommunications equipment running reliably, minimizing downtime and ensuring high quality connections for users.