Vibrant plea by President Madi Sakandé at OEWG45 in Bangkok

President Madi Sakandé took advantage of his participation in the 45th Meeting of the OEWG (Open-ended Working Group) of the Parties, held from July 3 to 7 in Bangkok, Thailand, to advocate for the adoption of eco-responsible technologies in Africa.

Under the aegis of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), 45th meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (OEWG45), the Workshop on Strengthening the Effective Implementation and Enforcement of the Montreal Protocol (Workshop 11) as well as the 70th meeting of the Implementation Committee under the Non-Compliance Procedure for the Montreal Protocol (ImpCom70), intervening during the work, the president of U-3ARC Madi Sakandé expressed his concern about what is happening on the African continent with regard to the export of obsolete technologies. "If we are talking about a single world, a single volume, we do not understand the fact that Africa is the dumping ground for outdated technologies, harmful to humans and the environment", he added.

Vibrant plea by President Madi Sakandé at OEWG45 in Bangkok

Building an eco-sustainable world

He did not fail to recall that the Pan-African association, of which he is the reins, which covers the 54 African countries and brings together technicians in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, is suffering, on the one hand, from the consequences of energy-intensive products. Energy-hungry, insofar as the energy they consume comes from fossil fuel sources. They pollute indirectly, given that the TEAP (Technology & Economic Assessment Panel) report confirms that 70% of this energy comes from fossil fuels. On the other hand, Africa is negatively impacted since populations do not find enough energy to preserve their food production, while post-harvest losses represent 70% of total production.

In a vibrant plea, Madi Sakandé asked stakeholders to avoid considering Africa as a dumping ground. The world, a veritable global village, cannot turn a deaf ear, knowing that gains, apparent from an exporting party, can quickly turn into harmful consequences from polluted areas, he added, in substance. Finally, President U-3ARC called on everyone to commit to the legacy of a better world for future generations. In his opinion, awareness of the issue related to the environment should not only be taken under the prism of the relationship between rich countries and poor countries, but it is a question imbued with moral values to build an eco-sustainable world.