U-3ARC represents Africa at Refrigera Show

U-3ARC had a notable presence at the 3rd Edition of Refrigera, held from November 7 to 9, 2023, at the Bologna Exhibition Centre in Bologna, Italy, an international event dedicated to the refrigeration industry. On the sidelines of the exhibition, the pan-African sector union signed an MoU with WRD to support women in Refrigeration in Africa.

Daouda MBaye, Journalist

U-3ARC represents Africa at Refrigera Show

The 3rd edition of Refrigera has just lowered its curtains, after 3 days considered a great success at the Bologna Exhibition Center (Italy). From November 7 to 9, 2023, thousands of operators, professionals, technicians, companies and key players from across the industry, commerce and logistics sectors, linked to the cold sector, will met at the Bologna Exhibition Center. Among them, a delegation from U-3ARC, made up of around twenty representatives from almost as many countries on the continent, as well as members of the Executive Bureau.

Remember that in addition to the exhibitions, this Refrigera2023 edition was punctuated by dozens of conferences and training courses, B2B meetings, Talk Meet-Ups between operators in the sector, in which Africa participated, via U-3ARC. In their words of thanks, this presence of U-3ARC was not obscured.

The Pan-African union benefited greatly from this, to the extent that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on November 8 between U-3ARC and the WRD (World Refrigeration Day). It appears from the clauses that this memorandum of understanding, agreed by the two parties sharing common goals and objectives and initialed by Madi Sakandé, president U-3ARC, and Stephen Gill, founder of World Cold Day, aims for collaboration with transparency and efficiency in areas of common interest, in the development of initiatives and activities of common interest within the framework of their respective mandates and the regulations in force.

For the record, the WRD is an international awareness campaign, centered around June 26 each year, to raise the profile of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector and draw attention to the important role that industry and its technology in modern life and society. Already, it supports U-3ARC by offering a scholarship of €500 to each of the 2 winners of the annual Dr Charity Kpabep Award competition, dedicated to African women refrigeration engineers.

Support for women and minorities in the RAC sector

Through this MoU, U-3ARC and WRD decide to work jointly in areas of mutual interest in the field of RACHP, but also, to the extent possible, on education, training and certification of the workforce. committed to the RACHP industry, especially to support women and minorities in the RAC sector. The convention will allow them to corroborate efforts in the field of environmental protection and energy efficiency

Education and training will not be left out. U-3ARC will share available technical information with WRD for use in their education and training programs. The 2 parties will work jointly to involve and support more women in the RACHP sector. In addition, they can nominate speakers for their respective events.