U-3ARC celebrates WRD 2023

World Refrigeration Day (WRD) is an annual event celebrated on June 26th to raise awareness about the importance of refrigeration and air conditioning in various aspects of our lives. This year, U-3ARC aims, upon the theme “Refrigeration speaks to Humanity”, to highlight the significant role that refrigeration plays in preserving food, supporting medical advancements, enhancing comfort in buildings, and promoting environmental sustainability.

To celebrate World Refrigeration Day, through the voice of Saïd El Harch, Secretary General of U-3ARC, the pan-African organization shares the advantages of a cross-cutting sector that brings progress and generates jobs.

U-3ARC celebrates WRD 2023

He teaches how refrigeration works and its impact on society. He also facilitates to acknowledge the hard work and expertise of refrigeration and air conditioning professionals who ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of cooling systems. He remembers, celebrating WRD is not only about recognizing the advancements in cooling technology but also about understanding how we can make responsible choices to ensure a sustainable future.

Energy-efficient, minimizing food waste

The SG of U-3ARC also considers the importance of energy-efficient refrigeration systems and their positive impact on the environment (new eco-responsible flammable refrigerants), ways to reduce your energy consumption at home or work by optimizing your cooling systems or adopting energy-efficient practices.

He also listened ways to minimize food waste by using refrigeration effectively, proper food storage techniques and share tips with others. Consider donating excess food to local food banks or organizations.

U-3ARC is more than ever engaged in discussions, participating in events, webinars, or discussions related to refrigeration and air conditioning.