Senegal - RENAFF General Annual Assembly to magnify the strengths of RAC

Network of Women Refrigeration Workers of Senegal (RENAFF) has just held its Annual General Assembly (AG), Thursday December 28, 2023 in Dakar, to take a round-up of the past financial year, but also of the state of play, without failing to communicate on the crucial role that Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) sector plays in socio-economic growth as well as the place occupied by female technicians, with skills equal to their male counterparts, if not superior.

Daouda MBaye, journalist

Senegal - RENAFF General Annual Assembly to magnify the strengths of RAC

In Senegal, Women Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technicians (RAC), united within RENAFF (National Network of Women Refrigeration Engineers), intend to promote their profession and widely disseminate the almost vital importance of their sector for social-economic development. It is in this context that General Annual Assembly was held on Thursday December 28, 2023 in Dakar. In addition to taking stock of the activities of the past financial year and examining the accounts, this day allowed them to strengthen their ties, stimulate the growth of the sector and even share their experiences.

For Sokhna Fall Diawara, president of RENAFF, the time has come for renewed dynamism. The association, which has more than 200 members, still remains little-known, moreover in a sector which is not housed in the name that suits it, she added. She then launched an appeal to business leaders and contractors to have more confidence in Women Refrigeration Workers. In his opinion, as competent as their male counterparts, they should not be underestimated. Note that a RENAFF team produced a monobloc air conditioner from start to finish, using R290 refrigerant. Satisfied with the progress made here and there, the president of RENAFF nevertheless concealed the challenges they face. These challenges are obstacles to professional integration, difficulties in accessing financing, obstacles to self-entrepreneurship, etc. An appeal has been launched to the authorities of Senegal and to the DER (Direction à l’Entrepreneuriat Rapide) to facilitate the processes of granting financial resources and business creation processes.

A transversal sector, to sustain

In the absence of the Minister of Industry, the meeting was sponsored by the Senegalese Expert in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mr. Alioune Ndiaye. In his speech, he above all recalled the crucial role that this transversal sector can play in the economic development of the country, particularly through its trade, health, industry in general, the conservation of agricultural resources (fishing, livestock, Agriculture) and indirectly in food self-sufficiency.

Note that a Malian delegation, chaired by Ms. Binta Koïta, president of the Association of Women Refrigerators of Mali, was there.

We all agree that a branch so vital to the socio-economic development of a country should not be confronted with difficulties and must be supported. The changes are expected by professionals in the customs nomenclatures which paradoxically classify RAC equipment among the Luxury category, and in more substantial support to enable a local refrigeration industry, respectful of the environment and driven by trained and skilled skills proven, to rise to international standards. An entire program !