Refrigeration Technicians of Africa, unite!

Like all other trades who intend to defend their profession, to contribute to socio-economic development and improve the fate of populations, Refrigeration Technicians, united within the Union of Actors' Associations African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (U-3ARC), would benefit from registering on the site

Daouda MBaye, Journalist

Refrigeration Technicians of Africa, unite!

A broader census of African Refrigeration Technicians can bring many benefits to the continent, economically, socially and environmentally. Don’t they say « There is strength in numbers »? This adage, widely shared, occupies a special place in the genesis of U-3ARC. A structure that has become essential in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) sector, U-3ARC invites all Refrigeration Technicians to register on its website. Increasing the rate of counting these professionals requires dynamism within the National Associations, but must be a sort of priesthood for every Refrigeration Technician.

Several reasons contribute to this invitation. Not only will such a census make it possible to further professionalize the sector, but also and above all to build a denser network. Indeed, the creation of a network of African Refrigeration Technicians promotes the strengthening of collaboration and the sharing of information. This network will help each other to resolve technical problems and be known and better trained to practice their profession according to the rules of the art while avoiding incidents.

Also, thanks to such a rapprochement, it will be possible to have an African directory of players in the RAC sector. It will then be easier to find business partners, to have a say in all socio-economic development issues in African countries, given the fact that this sector remains transversal and impacts the entire industry, without omit its crucial role in the fight for food self-sufficiency.

It is accepted that in Africa, improving the image of the refrigeration profession, encouraging young people to embark on a career in refrigeration or even promoting entrepreneurship in the refrigeration sector requires this census.

Strength of proposals

A better organized African RAC sector will be a source of proposals at the level of the Executive Governments of the different member countries, in the implementation of policies and programs aimed at increasing access to refrigeration services in Africa. In terms of crop conservation, energy efficiency and effectiveness, improving the comfort of populations and continuing training, particularly with the arrival of new ecological but flammable refrigerants, the Refrigeration Technician occupies a special place in developing winning strategies.

More practically, the census allows a better understanding of the workforce, by quantifying the number of Refrigeration Technicians in Africa, their geographical distribution, their qualifications and their skills. Data that will help identify areas where there is a shortage of qualified technicians and guide training and development efforts.

In terms of improving quality standards, the census, which can encourage the establishment of a certification system for them, remains appropriate. This will ensure technicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out quality repairs.

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