Ouagadougou hosts the 3rd Edition of SICRO & 4th General Assembly of U-3ARC

The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning African workers (RAC) meet for 3 days, from November 2 to 4, in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso. After the opening, in the morning, of the 3rd Edition of the International Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition (SICRO) at the Pavillon Soleil Levant of the SIAO, in Ouagadougou, Thursday November 2, 2023, the refrigeration specialists of the Union of African Associations of refrigeration and air conditioning players (U-3ARC) began their 4th General Assembly in the afternoon in a local hotel.

Very solemnly, the 3rd Edition of SICRO, which takes place from November 2 to 4, 2023 in Ouagadougou, was opened with the national anthem of Burkina Faso, the Hymn to Victory, admirably played by a group of musicians. For professionals in the sector, this moment marks commitment to the motherland. For this event, the 3rd of its kind, which focused on the theme “The refrigeration sector, a profession of the future for African youth with economic and environmental challenges”, the organizers pulled out all the stops. Indeed, the Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Professionals of Burkina Faso (APFC), host of the meeting, in collaboration with U-3ARC and other partners are on the verge of making an event a success which aims to be a forum for exchanges between professionals, but also between public and private decision-makers, without forgetting academics and the general public.

Ouagadougou hosts the 3rd Edition of SICRO & 4th General Assembly of U-3ARC

The importance of the sector no longer needs to be demonstrated

Following the words of welcome and thanks from the members of the Organizing Committee, in particular MM. Youssouf Bagagnan, President, and Elie Ouédraogo, President of the APFC, representatives of the impeded Burkinabè ministers, respectively of Sports, youth and employment, Dr Boubakar Sawadogo, who accepted that SICRO be under his patronage, and Water, Environment and Sanitation, Mr. Roger Baro, who sponsored it, or the representative of the Director General of the National Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (Aneree )… the key words were to take on an important, crucial, strategic sector to both ensure food security and sovereignty, improve the comfort of populations, contribute to sustainable development and the reduction of unemployment ; “its importance no longer needs to be demonstrated” came back, like a leitmotif. For Madi Sakandé, President U-3ARC, this SICRO was an opportunity to review the challenges, in terms of meeting the demand for comfort and air conditioning, conserving production in the primary sector, or preserving energy resources, which Africa is facing. Certainly progress has been made, but efforts remain to be made, he believes, particularly in innovation, training and awareness given the importance of the RAC sector in achieving sustainable development. For the president of U-3ARC, this is an excellent opportunity to share ideas, even share ideas, strengthen ties, build strategic partnerships.

As for Ole Nielsen, Head of the Montreal Protocol Division within the Department of the Environment, he found that U-3ARC could be an excellent partner in meeting the thresholds dictated by the Kigali amendment. He specified that funding lines exist, in particular a special fund, available to States which intend to make efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

A decisive General Assembly

In Ouagadougou, African refrigeration technicians and experts, coming from all over the continent, notably the Comoros, Congo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, DRC, from Senegal, Tunisia and Burkina Faso, were able, once again, to establish contacts, exchange in a good atmosphere, with the performances of renowned artists, such as Bologo Salif, alias Bol Filas, from Burkina Faso and Joséphine Dembélé from Mali. Exchanges which continue at the exhibition stands where all branches of the RAC sector are present.

The representatives of the national member associations of U-3ARC met, with 7 members of the Executive Bureau out of 12 (a first), on the afternoon of November 2 in another location in the city, to hold a General Assembly which lasted and continued until the next day, after an interruption, around 9 p.m. In part, the explanation is to be found in the importance of the axes, relating to moral and financial relationships, yet on the finalization of the draft specifications of partnerships, the reorganization of the profession, the participations of representatives of U-3ARC major events, World Refrigeration Day, the Dr CHARITY KPABEK AWARD (dedicated to female refrigeration workers), African Refrigeration Day, participation in fairs and exhibitions, 2023 training programs, Ladies Team activities, weak points to be revitalized, major activities on the 2024 program and examination of accounts. Rich and fascinating debates followed. The final decisions are to be expected during the day of November 3. We will be back upon…