Anthem of Refrigeration

BOL FILAS, singer from Burkina Faso, is a committed artist. Convinced of the importance of the refrigeration sector and its possible contribution to the development of the African continent, he released this opus which stands as a real hymn!

The refrigeration sector is transversal. It affects almost all branches of industry, health, etc. Mastery of such a sector allows the development of agricultural resources, promotes the conservation and storage of foodstuffs and products. It is an income generating activity.

Anthem of Refrigeration
BOL FILAS, Environmental Musician or Cantor of Green Music

Wrongly considered a prestigious sector, it suffers from an erroneous customs nomenclature that continues to overtax any import of related inputs. It is Africa's turn to get started to put the refrigeration and air conditioning sector back into a development dynamic, under the leadership of U-3ARC.

BOL FILAS sings this desired direction and appeals for awareness to all public and private decision-makers, under the light of the Pan-African Union U-3ARC. Enjoy!