• Yamah Angeline Sumoku

    Yamah Angeline Sumoku

    Deputy Secretary in charge of gender promotion and female mobilization for the refrigeration and air-conditioning professions

    Yamah A. Sumoku, 28 years started off late 2013 as an assistant lecturer at the only public technical college in Liberia - Monrovia Vocational Training Center. 
    For the past ten (10) years she had have the  experienced of witnessing the tremendous growth in the field of RAC especially for females. From being the only RAC female student to now teaching and training more than 
    twenty females in the field of RAC. 
    She served as the coordinator for female practicing RAC in Liberia and Liberia EPA- National Ozone unit master trainer. She also have a sit at the executive platform of the International Network Women in cooling representing U-3ARC. 
    She holds a bachelor degree in electronics engineering and an advanced certificate in refrigeration. She also is one of the 2020 virtual international speaker of the society of women engineers conference held in the United States.  
    Her objective in this field is ensuring RAC female have a safe space to practice their work without the world making them feel they are misplaced while encouraging other young girls to join the sector.