• Sylvestre Manirakiza

    Sylvestre Manirakiza

    Statutory Auditor

    Manirakiza Sylvestre, Technical Director of the company ILMA (refrigeration, air conditioning and Food industry). Engineer in "refrigeration machines and installations and compression machines, Master in Refrigeration and energy engineering, 57 years old. 28 years of experience in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning. 

    Since 1992, he has evolved in the hotel business as maintenance manager in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector and building maintenance in the Accor Africa group. Assistants to professors at the University of Burundi in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at end of studies projects of Burundi. Ozone Office since 2003 and national refrigeration expert responsible for training and implementing the Montreal Protocol. 

    International consultant in the development of MP projects (with UNEP and UNIDO) National consultant in development projects in food industry for the studies of projects of treatment and conservation of perishable foodstuffs, members of the technical commissions of analysis and reception Public procurement contracts in  food industry  at the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, IFAD projects.