• Adlain Eyarmwen Nkie Akan

    Adlain Eyarmwen Nkie Akan

    Vice President

    Promoter and CEO of ISOCOOL, a company specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning since 1990. Honorary professor of thermodynamics at the Industrial Technical Institute of Ndjili in Kinshasa. 
    Bachelor in refrigeration and air conditioning at the Vrije Hoger Institut in Kortrijk / Belgium. 
    Honorary National Ozone Consultant at the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development. 

    Having participated in the development of Management and Elimination Plans for Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (ODS). 
    Trainer of trainers on behalf of UNEP and UNDP under the Montreal Protocol. 
    Trainer of refrigeration technicians, customs officers and agents of the Congolese Office of Controls across DR Congo and Cape Verde on good practices in refrigeration with the help of UNEP. 
    Co-author of the book on “Good Practices in Individual Air Conditioning” published in 2014 by UNEP through its Action Ozone branch. 
    National President of the Congolese Association of Professionals and Air Conditioning (ACOPROF). 
    President of the African Network of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Professionals (RESAF). 
    Obtained several certifications from manufacturers such as Samsung for DVM range, from the British company Airedale for its precision air conditioning cabinets.